Repair service for Mazak machine tools

With over 25 years experience working with Mazak machines, we can provide you with the best service and fix your on-site breakdowns.

We repair machine parts, controls, drives and hydraulic parts for you in our operating facilities.

Repair service Mazak machine tools

Repair of Mitsubishi / Mazak parts

  • spindle controller
  • monitors
  • power Supplies
  • I / O boards
  • drive boards
  • axle reinforcement
  • Installation of options
  • position encoder
  • Main spindle motors
  • Tool Eye
  • Ball screws
  • servomotors
  • Storage of main spindles
  • Storing axles
  • Motor spindles (built-in)
  • Set machine geometry
  • Hydraulics (pumps and motors)
  • Orbit motors (motors Index)
  • Tool changer (ATC)
  • Control and additional columns
  • Repair mill drive
  • Storage of tools